A historic Italian brand, born from an entrepreneurial idea of the Braschi family, which through the vision and passion for beauty of founder Lorenzo Braschi, achieved international successes.

The Braschi brand has a history rich in passion and innovation in the fashion world. Founded in the '60s, the company established itself as one of the most renowned and desired fashion brands. With a forward-looking perspective, Braschi has been able to adapt to constantly evolving trends while maintaining a distinctive and high-quality aesthetic. Its ability to anticipate and interpret customer needs has made the brand a benchmark in the sector, distinguishing itself for its creativity and constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence.



The Braschi brand is synonymous with Italian craftsmanship. Each product is made with care and attention to detail, using only the best materials available on the market. The company is committed to maintaining a high standardization of production processes, thus ensuring the highest quality and durability of its products.

Each clothing item or accessory is the result of careful material selection and artisan skill rooted in Italian tradition. Braschi's "Made in Italy" imprint is a symbol of prestige and refinement recognized worldwide.


Attention to detail and artisan dedication reach their peak with Braschi's "Tailor Made" line. Each product is handcrafted, reflecting the company's commitment to perfection. Their skilled craftsmen dedicate hours of work and expertise to create custom pieces that fit the customer's body perfectly.

This artisan process ensures not only impeccable fit but also a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness in each creation. With their "Tailor Made" collection, Braschi offers customers the opportunity to wear high-fashion pieces that are true artisanal masterpieces.


Braschi is located in Milan at Via Verri 10, in the heart of the fashion district. Currently, Braschi has 10 single-brand stores in Russia and 3 in Dubai, and has plans for significant new openings in the coming months. Moreover, the brand is distributed in the most important international markets through over 150 wholesale points of sale.

A brand always in constant innovation, remaining true to the values of creativity, tradition, and Made in Italy craftsmanship, which have always been at the foundation of Braschi creations.

In 2005, Braschi signed a significant agreement with the prestigious NAFA auction house, certifying the highest quality of its products and the materials used. In the following years, Braschi opened numerous monobrand boutiques worldwide, firmly establishing itself as a leading brand of luxury fashion Made in Italy in the main reference markets.


It was the '60s when Lorenzo Braschi, a young and romantic entrepreneur met Kate Anna Topp, a beautiful Dutch woman, and fell deeply in love with her. Together, they embarked on an exciting journey united in life and work, sharing the same passion for beauty, driven by curiosity, enthusiasm, and the desire to face new challenges. The entrepreneurial idea was to transform fur into a new, cultured, and modern creative language, nourished by art and inspired by the femininity of the new cinema icons.

1966 was the year the first Braschi boutique opened. From Sophia Loren to Audrey Hepburn, from Monica Vitti to Grace Kelly, the budding brand looked to these new beauty standards for their creations. And soon, these stars would not only become loyal customers but also personal friends of the Braschi couple, sharing their idea of elegance and style.

For them, Braschi would create unique and unforgettable pieces over the years, crafted from the finest leathers by expert craftsmen. Awarded by success, the company opened new boutiques all over Italy.


In 1976, during a trip to New York, Kate Anna and Lorenzo Braschi were invited to the MET for the opening of "The Glory of Russian Costume Exhibition" curated by Diana Vreeland. For Mrs. Braschi, the encounter with Russian culture was a true revelation. She became passionate about every expression: from history to art, dance to music. Her creations became enriched with a world of aristocratic and intellectual references. Thus began the brand's great international success.

In 2000, Maurizio Braschi, son of Kate Anna and Lorenzo, took over the company, continuing his parents' entrepreneurial journey and further expanding the international success of the Braschi brand.